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Te Papa | Slice of Heaven


When Te Papa embarked on an ambitious new permanent exhibition covering 20th Century Aotearoa, Pelorus was called upon to translate the exhibition designers’ concepts into buildable drawings that would enable the concepts to take shape. The finished results maintain all the richness of the original concept, with a realisation that is economical and durable. A significant challenge was to create this exhibition within the occupied museum, with a minimum of disruption. The solution involved a high degree  of modular prefabrication.


Pelorus acknowledges all images of the 20th Century Aotearoa exhibition are by photographer Michael Hall, Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand (registration numbers: MA_I.20064, MA_I.210075, MA_I.21007, MA_I.21079, MA_I.21085, MA_I.210091, MA_I.210092 & MA_I.210102).

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