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Corporate social responsibility 



We are committed to the highest ethical relationships with all who we deal with - clients, the building industry and the wider community. In addition we believe in the importance of contributing positively to the community.


Our ethical standards start with the New Zealand Registered Architects’ Board “Code of Minimum Standards of Ethical Conduct for Registered Architects”, but go further than that, to include the duty of care we feel not just as architects, but as responsible members of the wider community. 



  • We will perform our professional work with due care and diligence. This means that we always undertake a professional and comprehensive job, regardless of the level of fee agreed.

  • Our judgement is unprejudiced and unbiased - our remuneration comes solely from the fees and benefits specified in our appointment.

  • We will always observe the confidentiality of our client's affairs.

  • We will  disclose to clients, owners, or contractors anything that could be construed as creating a conflict of interest.



  • We have built our professional reputation on the merits of our own performance; and do not claim as our own the intellectual property and ideas of others.

  • We administer all contracts impartially

  • Tendering and procurement are conducted in ways that treat all parties fairly.

  • We believe in making a positive contribution to the industry, by extensive involvement in professional bodies and industry organisations.



  • We will not misrepresent ourselves, or promote ourselves or our professional services in a false, fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive manner.

  • Our positive contribution to the community includes continuing pro bono support of a range of community, social and sports organisations.

  • We will so far as is reasonably practicable ensure that our designs are without risk to the health and safety of contractors and end users.

A professional services firm is only as good as the people it employs. That is why we strive to be an employer of choice, and pride ourselves on a very low level of staff turnover. Our commitment includes:

  • Non-discriminatory policies – we are an equal opportunity employer.

  • Fair and transparent treatment of all staff in accordance with negotiated Conditions of Employment.

  • Regular reviews of staff performance.

  • Safe working conditions, in line with our Health and Safety policy.

  • Support for training initiatives.

  • Flexibility in working hours

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