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Park Terrace

The design of this 3 x 3-bedroom town house development has been strongly influenced by the constraints and character of the site; its orientation, proportion, topography, and adjacency to neighbouring properties. Each unit includes a garage that are largely “buried” beneath existing ground level – 2 units have full internal access. Vehicular access via the shared laneway has played a significant role in the overall design strategy for the site.


We resolved that each unit should standalone, maximising the  potential for daylight penetration to each, whilst also providing opportunities for outlook, natural ventilation and access to north facing private outdoor space.

​All 3 units are nominally 2-storied. Predominately hipped roof forms have been adopted to lessen any shading affects whilst also reducing the overall bulk of the development. Each unit presents a north facing gable to the street front reflecting the surrounding typology.

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