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IRD | Palmerston North

In October 2019 Inland Revenue’s Palmerston North operations will move into a long awaited new premises. Pelorus’s initial input into the new accommodation project was the complete review and customisation of the all-of-gov Building Performance Specification to suit IR’s requirements.

The selected building will achieve an IL4 rating required by co-tenant, the regional council’s emergency operations team, affording IR significant added benefits in terms of business continuity planning for their lower north island operations.

A small number of meeting and quiet rooms will be provided and will be supplemented with a range of more flexible furniture based collaborative settings. Maximising the future flexibility of the space has been a key consideration throughout design development, and this is reflected in the use of suspended acoustic screens that can be readily repositioned or removed as future requirements necessitate.

Ground floor bicycle parks, lockers, and showers dedicated to IR staff will help encourage staff into other transport modes, while the building is also future-proofed for EV charging stations.

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