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IRD | Hamilton


This project was delivered via an integrated fit-out approach where the base building design was tailoured to suit the fit-out. The large floor plates were vital to Inland Revenue as it allowed for great connectivity and enhanced team synergies, an aspect that was not provided by their previous tenancy. It offered a blank canvas to create a modern working environment that encourages a more collaborative and forward-thinking culture, under pinned by Inland Revenue’s ongoing business transformation project.

The First Floor incorporates a front-of-house for customer enquiries, complete with secure public interview and seminar rooms. Employing the access control strategy this fit-out is the first to allow staff to utilise the suite of secure public interview rooms for internal meetings, thereby maximizing the efficient use of these spaces. The main staff cafeteria is located on the Second Floor and has great natural light and outlook to the south as well as connection to the floor below via a large atrium space.

Both floor levels incorporate a range of amenities including a variety of meeting rooms, fast rooms and a large (up to 90-seat) reconfigurable space. Utilising acoustically rated operable walls and adjustable meeting room furniture, these spaces can readily be reconfigured as separate meeting rooms, or larger training and seminar spaces.

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