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IAG | Project Breeze Wellington


The fitout works are fully integrated with the base building works saving both time and money for this development. 

The interior will feature an internal atrium with staircases linking all floors, much improving the internal communications between teams.

Great care has been taken to embrace new corporate branding principles within the “look and feel” of the interior. There are bold architectural details which signify strength and security. There are crisp, contemporary details which support the forward-thinking nature of the business and use of colour to support a desire for a warm and approachable interior. The result will be a modern, fresh, progressive and professional identity.

In this fitout the principles of “activity based working” or “flexible working” are being implemented.  Detailed investigation has been completed into the roles of each team.  The best tools and working arrangements have been explored to enable them to be much more effective and more productive. This approach will be prototyped and tested in the client’s existing premises before relocation.  So the transition to a “new way of working” should be seamless. 

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