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External Staircase Wellington Hospital | Wellington

CCDHB has an old timber staircase linking two carparking zones. It is narrow and slippery and requires replacement.

Pelorus was asked to design a new wider stair in durable materials, that was expedient of design, easy to fabricate, low maintenance and inspiring as it winds up through existing vegetation. The approach ramp at the top also needed to have improved accessibility by reducing the gradient. 

Expediency was addressed by using proprietary steel stair treads, fitted to a bespoke galvanised structure. Inspiration was added by treating the balustrade as if it were vegetation, using green powdercoated perforated aluminium panels. 

A green, tree-like stair that darts up through the trees sits comfortably, blending into the existing surroundings, while providing a safer and more user friendly experience.    

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